A Brief Overview

A leading Science and technology Universities (PUI-PT) is the agency/organizational unit of r & d in higher education that has passed through the main properties of the LPI that have research works are fundamental, proving, the development of new methods, and are cross-and multidisciplinary, which has to be applied through the prototype in a pilot-scale plan (after going through the lab scale), as well as began to be tested in more than one different conditions.

In the scale of technology readiness or development of the scientific are in the level 8. For the PUI-PT-oriented products (PUI-PTOP) must have been at TRL 8 or 9, while the PUI-PT-oriented science (PUI-PTOS) have at least within in the SRL level 8.

The main properties of PUI-PT in addition to the many scientific papers in journals both national and international repute and has been managing the journal of national scale that is specific in accordance with the expertise and scientific institutions in a sustainable manner, PUI-PT must also manage the symposium/seminar/conference in the field for routine and scheduled. Then also the results of the developed technology has been disseminated widely supported by a system of good governance, so that the disclosure of information residing in the institution can be accessed easily and ter-update with new information.


Since 2010 the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has been developing development activities leading Science and technology Center. In 2015 this event will be continued and expanded, especially to produce a variety of product innovation. PUI-PT will be redirected to strengthen r & d institutions/developer technology in higher education (PT), in order to achieve recognition of the scientific world-class in their field, as well as produce better science, technology, and product innovation-based demand driven in order to support the improvement of the competitiveness of the users of science and technology (world business, Industry and Small and Medium enterprises (SMES), government, and society) according to the economic potential of the regions and themes/issues in the eight areas of focus of the development of science and technology.
Development PUI-PT also relevant to the Policy and Strategy Development in the Field of Science and Technology contained in the RPJMN 2015-2019. During the 3 years of coaching, r & d institutions that developed as A leading Science and technology has a positive impact that is significant to the achievement of the indicators of output that has been established as a leading Science and technology Center. The achievements of the output in the form of academic excellence and commercialization as well as the utilization of r & d results.

This achievement shows that the development activities leading Science and technology Center has provided significant role in improving the development, control, and utilization of science and technology and to generate product innovations. Development activities leading Science and technology Center is expected to produce r & d institutions of science and technology mastery because in accordance with the duties and functions of the institution. However, on the other hand will be generated also r & d institutions of innovation because of the duties and functions of the institution allows it to reach things that meant. Thus, this activity will produce r & d institutions with the title of A leading Science and technology Universities.


The purpose of the development of A leading Science and technology Universities (hereinafter referred to PUI-PT) is to increase the capacity and capability of r & d institutions of the college in order to become r & d institutions of superior international level in a specific field. This effort is expected to encourage the improvement of the relevance and productivity as well as the utilization of science and technology in the production sector to improve the competitiveness of the sector of production of goods and services and the use of sustainable natural resources. In the end, such efforts have an impact on improving the welfare of the community.

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